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Redirect Checker is an effective tool to take care of redirects from the old domain name of the website to the new domain name of the website. It helps to find problems with non-consistent redirects on the website. If this is the case the Redirect Checker will display the HTTP status code and the destination URL. Redirect links exist due to change in the web address of the page due to one or many reasons like either to synchronize the website with the latest SEO techniques or move articles from blog to the news. Redirect Checker helps to check and verify such links and can connect with the targeted web page, results in boosting the organic traffic to the website. Redirect checker is simple to use in the following steps:
Enter the URL in the space provided above.
Press 'Submit'
Get the result in a few seconds
To check other web pages, go to step 1.
The tool is highly compatible with mobile or desktop and checks for almost all types of redirects like 301, 302, Meta refresh directs, and even shows redirect chains. One can use it instantly without downloading or memorizing any code or computer language. It can be used without any subscription fees and can check for as many as website redirects. It is recommended to use the correct URL prior to checking redirects to get accurate results.