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Getting good traffic, leads, and sales of your products and services are the ultimate goal of all website owners. But in the competitive digital world, it is not simple to get organic traffic constantly to your websites. Many companies have their approach and techniques to get the desired leads. In this approach  One of the best ways is to have various links on your website. Linking is generally of two types internal linking and external linking. Internal linking is the link or connection between different webpages present within the same website. It is a smooth arrangement for users to access the website systematically. External linking is the linking operation when a user from one website moves to another website or vice versa. It is always advised to be careful in exchanging external linking with other websites. Our SEO experts inspect thoroughly other websites before giving and taking link arrangments. To check the internal and external links of any website. Enter the URL or copy-paste the link on the box and enter the submit button. After scanning, The link checker tool will give the internal and external links figures separately. By result, you will get the basic idea of what part of linking you have to work while comparing with the competitor in ranking result page.