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About URL Rewriting Tool

Creating a website is a unique process but making it a search engine optimization friendly requires many skills. If one observes and follows minute operations of SEO's ranking process and implements them properly it will give an effective outcome. One of the best methods of SEO is rewriting or changing the dynamic URL into a static URL . This SEO tool is easy and accurate to provide results. To rewrite enter the URL or copy-paste in the same format as given in the Eg. in the box provide above and submit. After following the process URL rewriter tool will give the SEO friendly small and short static URL. This short URL is used by our SEO experts to rank their websites on Google and various search engines. Google index the website faster having short and static URL. The static URL of the web pages load faster compared with other dynamic addresses. Also, the Static URL address is easy to remember and convenient to access. This free SEO tool requires technical effort and skill. You need to create a ".htacess" file and have to put the code into it, the code which is generated by this tool. After having the desired .htacess file, copy the file into the directory of the website.