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People are tired and annoyed by reading cliché and duplicate articles, blogs, and content. Also, Google belittles the image of the website if the content of the website is copied by throwing it to the last pages of the search engine. So to save from getting the curse of moving to the last page to your new website it is highly recommended to check the authenticity of the content of your website by our SEO Tool Plagiarism Checker. It is the finest and precious tool available to check whether the article is duplicated or copied from other sources located in the public domain of the digital world. It starts the operation by scanning each word, sentence, and paragraph of the context. After scanning it compares with the millions of websites to check whether the text is copied in any way.  Our checker is high in demand among various teachers and professors to check the various assignments allotted to students are exercised by them or copied. Just buckle up, copy the contents and paste on the space given above and click on Check for Plagiarism, after few seconds you will get the desired results.