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Are you still looking for unpaid traffics, lead, and sales to your website through various search engine results. Also whenever you make amendments, changes, and updates on your blogs, articles, or anything on your website and want the audience to visit on it . In general, it takes time to get the spotlight on the add-on you did. Well, the internet is a dense forest, and search engines have to be ping or send request messages to crawl on your updated web pages. Online Ping is the most reliable effort in the right direction to get targeted organic traffic to your website immediately. Enter the blog's URL address in the space provided in the first column. After that enter the topic, updated URL address, and blog's RSS feed URL respectively in the column. To get your blog's RSS feed. Right, click on the website's web page that you want to rank and after that click inspects and in find tab type RSS. After getting the result, copy the URL available after href and paste it on the last option. After entering the submit button relax and wait to perform the Online Ping Website tool's operations. It will initiate pinging to all the web servers and search engines involved with the website's data. To conclude the full process it will take some time as it has to request many web servers and search engines associated with it.