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To propel one's website to the highest rank of the result page of the Google search engine, keyword density checker is utilized. In the earlier days, it is was not as much competition to rank top in search results but in this competitive digital world, the SEO tool keyword density checker is highly appreciated for keyword analysis metrics. A keyword density checker is the percentage value of keywords that have appeared in that particular websites or web pages. When the crawling is done by Google robots it scans and looks that particular keywords are not so much used to get it on the top. The algorithm of Google is designed that keyword density must be in the range of 2% to 3%. So to calculate the keyword density by entering the URL or domain name of your website in the link provided. It will provide the density of numerous keywords of your website by calculating the percentage of density from all the keywords. Our fast and free SEO tools will give you the results in a few seconds. Just copy and paste the URL or enter the domain name to get the density of all keywords.