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Are you annoyed by the daily unwanted emails from marketing companies? Being a website owner of the products or service industry it is tedious to find important emails from the inbox and sometimes it is left unanswered when you daily get hundreds of emails. These spammers and marketing companies make life miserable and your system vulnerable if accidentally you logged into the spam email which in infected and having malicious content. It is highly advised by our SEO experts that the website owners should not give their email ids on the website. Hackers use these email ids by making another id of similar characters For eg is your official email id and hackers will make So you can understand how trickly hackers play. Email privacy is the easy and best tool that does not require any technical stuff to use. To know if any email address is available on your website. Enter the URL on the box provided And enter the submit button. Wait for a few seconds the tool will provide the result. If the website does not have any email it will display Email not found and if found your email you can make necessary edits on the email part.