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Hosting is the remote location where websites related data like contents, images, graphics, videos, etc are kept and stored safely. It is a service that gives convenience to the website owner to give the users 24/7 access to their website. The servers where web files are kept are large data centers equipped with power back up and insulated from hacking. Hosting plays a major role in connecting the website and loading of web pages over the internet. To check the service of this Domain hosting checker, Enter the URL on the space provided above or copy-paste the link and enter the submit button, After that instantly it will give the result of IP address and hosting provider name of the URL. It is a simple and coding-free tool that can be used by any beginner. Search engines rank those websites that load quickly in the browser. It is very helpful for SEO experts to analyze the competitor's website hosting, if the competitor's website is getting priority in various search engines then one reason is hosting also. So website owners can make necessary arrangements in their hosting by switching on to the same hosting provider of competitors or upgrading to other companies.