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About Class C Ip Checker

Class C IP Checker is one of the best tools to find out the authenticity and efficacy of the Class C IP range if the same C range is hosting various websites. It helps to know whether or not the same address is duplicated. Alike to the IP address, Class C IP is a unique hosting id or a class address assigned for the dynamic hosting of the website provided by the service provider. 
It displays the class of IP address of the domain and therefore used to analyze the C range of other websites. Class C IP should be unique or it will affect the SEO and ranking of the website. If there are various cross-linked websites, it is recommended to host all websites on different Class C IP ranges.  
Class C IP Checker is skillful to use which other websites are sharing the same IP address without opting for an annual subscription. The steps are: 
•	In the display page, enter a domain name (Min 2 to Max 20).
•	Click on the 'Check Now' button. 
•	This will run the test and display the result. 
•	The result demonstrates each hostname, IP address, class C and the status.
•	Check the status and if it is valid, go ahead with the domain id.