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About Blacklist Lookup

It is one of the most desired SEO tools when website owners and SEO wizards find that after making all effective efforts to rank the website still Google is not giving priority in the result page or suddenly the position of the website if falling day by day. Blacklist lookup is the tool used to find the list of databases where the website is blacklisted. Internet is a world full of wonder, web owners follow various approach to rank their website. In doing so, they unknowingly get involved in a spamming activity like sending bulk emails to get traffic etc. So if the website starts getting the tag of red flag or spam then it is a warning or time for inspecting what approach gets him into this blacklist. It is always advised by SEO experts to know the status of the website frequently. To know which all databases have blocked your website. Enter the URL in the box and click the submit button. The result will show instantly. This tool is also used when one purchases the old domain to take advantage of previous backlinks and other benefits present in it. If that old domain is backlisted  it is not good to use for your website.