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To triumph your website's sanctuary amongst various competitors and to rank high in the cut-throat competition, one must focus on well-known quality backlinks.  Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. follow a benchmark of rules and their bots crawls backlinks associated with a website. So by having high and good quality backlinks in a website increases site ranking, position, and visibility in search engine results. There are many ways and sources to get a backlink to your website but before that by our free SEO tool Back Link Checker you can examine the backlinks already connected to your website. After getting the figures you will get a sense and idea about where your website stands in terms of backlink. It also gives you the service to check your competitor's website's number of backlinks involved in it. In the Space provided above type or copy, paste the URL address or the domain name of the website that you are looking to scan the backlinks. After the submit button the tool will provide the results in exact numerical value. So to improve backlinks in your website and rank top in results our SEO experts are always in your service.